Reversible Drinking Set


My design concept was based on two main factors; inspiration from water and functionality of drinking vessels from my extensive research.

The linear qualities I observed when researching water provide plenty of inspiration for the decorative detailing in my designs. I am fascinated about how it flows, moves and is so original; it has so many amazing and encapsulating patterns, shapes and forms. Also water creates different textures, appearances and moods/feelings; soft, calming, aggressive, angry, peace and powerful. The wire decoration that flows throughout my vessels is a deliberate interpretation and representation of the motion, movement and patterns captured in my research material. I used transparent enamel over the hand engraved linear detail, this is also in tune and representative of the liquid colours of Champagne, wine, cocktails etc.

Both traditional and contemporary glass design were considered when designing my multipurpose set, consisting of a Champagne flute/Shot cup, Goblet for both red and white wine and a Water vessel/Cocktail cup. This duality of design promotes a special sense of celebration and uniqueness.