Flower Vase inspired by water lily's

For my Flower Vase I took inspiration from water and water lily's; organic forms as seen in nature, with its abundance of creative patterns and textures.

I developed this design from a combination of studying traditional Korean and contemporary European vases.

The techniques involved in forming and fitting d-shaped wires to my designs are continually demanding. This is because following two forms and coping with tension in the metal during this application requires tight control and accuracy throughout to ensure the best visual effect and impact are achieved. This involves hand pre forming of the wires, using puk technology tacking wires to follow the undulating form of a vessel before soldering each wire individually. This is a time consuming and difficult technique but when done well the result looks fantastic. This is followed by deploying a hand cut engraving technique to provide linear qualities to the overall visual statement. Hand crafted engraving creates a different and wonderful contrasting surface texture; it works so well and in harmony with my polished silver wires.



  • Shaping silver wires
  • Puk welding and fabrication
  • Hand engraved


  • Height: 230 mm
  • Diameter: 230 mm