Kyosun jung in her workshop

Kyosun jung in her workshop


Kyosun Jung’s work exudes a striking combination and contrast of simple forms with expressive decoration that provides high visual impact and widespread appeal. In short, quality craftsmanship in unison with most effective decorative aspects inspired by nature. Her designs are well considered, thoroughly developed and beautifully crafted. Kyosun want creates stunning work to her clientele that appreciate and value great design.

Kyosun completed BA Hons Silversmithing, Goldsmithing & Jewellery at University for the Creative Arts in Rochester, UK graduating in 2014 following a degree in Metal Craft and Jewellery from Jangan College, Republic of Korea. She is currently engaged in the UK in the workshop of the internationally renowned silversmith Clive Burr at the Goldsmiths’ Centre in London.

"Top craftsmanship with inventive design and functionality, these are fundamental in my work. In essence, in depth research, original design with decorative features where everything is made to the highest standards. My technical work requires focused concentration and skill to produce quality outcomes, and I do all scales of precious metalwork.

I always extending my technical learning and manufacturing capabilities, these are crucial to me and I am very interested in reviving traditional techniques in combination with technology i.e. Puk welding. This old and new creates a different visual identity and the main techniques I use at present are; wire applications, hand engraving, puk welding, engine turning and enamelling.

I find and utilise inspiring research from nature and in particular, organic forms and geometry with its infinite creations for patterns and textures. For example, observing the linear qualities of water provide plenty of material for the decorative detailing in my designs and I also incorporate aspects of Korean and European aesthetics.

My wire decoration is an interpretation of the motion, movement and patterns from my research. This influence also correlates with the physical function of the object (flower vase – flowers need water, Reversible Drinking Set – liquids etc.)

With my recent work I have taken inspiration from geometric patterns and shapes influenced by art deco and I use engine turning for my clutch designs. For these I wanted to create a woman’s clutch that sets a different trend, is elegant and unique.

My designs start as freehand drawings, are then taken into 3D forms with models and Marquette’s. These are subsequently transferred onto computer. I work well using both hand and machine technical skills to realize my designs and concepts.

I have much to learn, explore, experiment and develop, an exciting prospect where my work and reputation means everything to me. I love what I do and aim to make a great contribution to design".